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Date 2005-02-11
Publisher Imaginova
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North America Retail Box ArtPut more power and knowledge in your hands than even the world's most pre-eminent astronomers had just a few years ago with Starry Night Pro 5.0. Now you can see how the sky over your house looks right now, or use it to see how the sky will look tonight, tomorrow or far into the past or future. You can even change your position and see how the heavens appear from the other side of the earth, or from other planets. Escape the Milky Way. Pilot your own spaceship to explore 700 million light years of space. Select from dozens of deep sky databases for the celestial objects and galaxies you want to explore. Easily observe Mars in the field using data from the built-in Ephemeris Generator. Stunning views from a variety of celestial bodies are just a few clicks away; witness a total eclipse from the Moon, watch the Sun set from the surface of Mars, or even ride a comet. Starry Night Pro is also a valuable educational tool with more than 100 interactive, multimedia tours that reveal the fascinating science and history of stars. An elegant, easy-to-use interface lets you quickly tap into a new and improved suite of features. With Starry Night Pro, the only limits are your imagination. With access to 16 million stars and 1 million galaxies, an enhanced SkyCalendar, a built-in Ephemeris Generator, computerized telescope control, and advanced observation aids, this version of Starry Night Pro is packed with new features that make it a must-have upgrade. The SkyCalendar is now seamlessly integrated with the observation planner and logs so you can more easily plan and record your stargazing sessions and receive alerts about upcoming celestial events. High-precision satellite tracking makes it easy to identify orbiting objects while the built-in Ephemeris Generator lets you calculate the position of heavenly bodies at a time of your choosing. Meanwhile, high-resolution illustrations let you enjoy panaramic views of your favorite constellations. You can also choose horizon panoramas to simulate surface conditions on earth or other planets and moons. Lastly, a new joystick-supported spaceship mode lets you maneuver around the Universe freely and expansively. Use this tool to see the sky from any location in the universe up to 700 million light years away. Starry Night Pro is more than just a desktop tool for observing the heavens. You can control most computerized telescopes from popular manufacturers, allowing you to align your computer star maps with your telescope's viewfinder. You can even customize Starry Night's field-of-view indicators to match your telescope's eyepiece. A host of great activities await you when you have such powerful software at your fingertips. For instance, you could plan a night under the stars with the observational planner, track the sky with your telescope, and store comments and images on individual targets in Starry Night's observation log. And when the sun comes up, you can still enjoy the heavens by printing full sky (180-degree) star charts of any area in the sky. If you're looking for educational tools, Starry Night Pro delivers. Call up more than 100 multimedia tours to deepen your exploration and understanding of the universe. Enjoy high resolution exclusive constellation illustrations and images from the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, as well as the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. You'll also get a library of imagery that lets you zoom in and explore the surface of Mars and Earth in unprecedented detail with new higher resolution surface maps. There's even a dictionary of common astronomy terms, plus a Record Holders database of astronomy trivia. And with an Internet connection you can direct Starry Night to send you automatic updates about new discoveries and orbital data of satellites, comets and asteroids.

- Data included on over 70,000 different galaxies
- Learn basic information for each star, planet or galaxy for in-depth astronomical studies
- Add your own labels, create your guide and constellations - and add your own personal settings
- Up-to-date celestial database with customized images and Internet links
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