Wizards and Warriors Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 5.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.0
Review by Warhead

Introduction / Plot from their site:
In an enchanted medieval realm known as the Gael Serran, an evil Pharaoh has overcome a curse and returned to a world unable to defend itself against him. Only the legendary Mavin Sword--a blade forged of twin metals, one cursed by evil, the other blessed by the divine--has the strength to bring his defeat. With the assistance of Kerah, an angel, and Erathsmedor, a dragon, you must engage on a dangerous quest to uncover the legend of the Sword and bring an end to all evil in the land. Your Quest Begins Within. The path to discover the Mavin Sword is not an easy one. Set before you are over 100 adventures, quests and mini-quests to complete. Your merits will be tested, your skills pushed to the limit. You must train your character by choosing from more than 30 unique skills, and acquire special abilities from over 50 possible character traits, to build yourself into a worthy adventurer. A Medieval World Awaits. The world of the Gael-Serran is an incredible experience. Vivid 3-D environments surround you. The spells you unleash and the attacks you endure come to life with stunning detail. Your strength and mettle will be tested as you run, swim, jump, climb, move objects, disarm traps and pick locks. Fight with swords, ranged and thrown weapons of all kinds, even including primitive bombs! Trade and steal items such as keys, magic wands, potions and more. You may equip with weapons and armors from more than 300 standard inventory items, including over 50 different costume pieces, and you can customize your gear to add special characteristics and powers with enchantments and blessings.

Graphics aren't grand, best thing I noticed was the arrows sticking out of the skeleton after I shot him. Anyway they may even pretty fit a good game properly, tough the troubles lies in the game itself.

Music is not atmospehric enough, while the sounds are pretty plain, anyway the same stuff would have helped the game if it could sustain it...

I thought this game was going to be intesesting but I was greatly disappointed. The navigation system is hard to control as you can't see a very large area... almost like looking directly infront, no "corner of the eye" views as that is all covered up with the menu bar. Fighting is really hard too since you have to judge the range of your weapon... I didn't even notice the sword slashing down on my opponent, he just feel on the floor and died after making this dying noise. it's kinda turn based since once a character has attacked... he/she can't attack anymore until the other characters have attacked. Shopping at the armory is also quite difficult as there is no purchase confirmation, one you click on an item consider it sold/bought... there's no going back... And you can't save a game in town, only loading... and you can't load a game outside of town, just saving. They have this feature where if you think you're totally screwed, you do a reset sorta thing and it loads a game where you were at town last. A bad thing is that I can't seem to find a "town portal" scroll... so I assume the only way to get back to town is to walk and the map isn't that specific with directions either.. There are guilds a type of character can join to do quests for rewards and you can also train your character in specific skills here for a price ofcourse (ie. increase strength, dexterity, etc). You also have access to class specific weapons... Like if you join the Warriors Guild, you can buy items that were made for warriors and hence useless for wizards and vice versa. Oh yeah with the guilds you can "upgrade" the class of your character when you get to a certain level with sufficient experience. For example... warrior class can upgrade to Paladin, Babarian, and all those hybrid fighting classes. You can bless your weapon at the temple... I suppose it increases the weapons effectiveness. You can also hold two weapons if the second weapon is one handed and classified as a secondary weapon.

Of course this game fits those rpg guys that loves to play games for hours and hours, tough with multiplayer RPGs like Ultima or Everquest already being out, this one, even with it's first person view doesn't fit. The game itself is not a piece of crap, it's just there are like a ton of better games in the genre already out, sorry Actiboys :/