Woodville Chronicles
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 25936
Date 2010-10-15
Publisher Rumbic Studio
Date 2010-10-15
Publisher Rumbic Studio
Rumbic Studio is famous for its casual games of high quality - and Woodville Chronicles is sure to underprop such a reputation. The player passes through match3 levels that are getting more and more complicated, earns resources and gradually builds a beautiful town with a castle. In the end of the game the secret of the town will be revealed!The gameplay is quite absorbing, as there are different game modes (time and relaxed) and types (Swap, Chain and Group). The latter correspond to different matching techniques - swapping items, selecting chains or blowing groups of matching items, respectively. By the way, unlike any other match3 game, in Woodville Chronicles the mode and type can be changed at any moment.Beside the basic mechanics, there are special options to make the process more interesting - for example, the player may turn the playing area whenever he or she wants. That is, the player controls where the new items will appear and, consequently, where they will fall.
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