World Basketball Manager 2009
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 2104
Date N/A
Publisher Icehole Games
Date N/A
Publisher Icehole Games
World Basketball Manager (WBM) is a basketball strategy game. It uses the same game-play principles as most soccer management games do and covers all basketball action around the world with 89 national and international tournaments, 852 teams, 10.000 basketball players and 1.000 managers.

- Better control in your career and club economics using the ability to make demands to the Administration.
- Improved match algorithm.
- Improved interface.
- Short keys make navigation easier.
- New code makes daily update 27% faster.
- Financial bonus for managers that "build" teams.
- Cohesion bonus for teams with many native players.
- Improved transfers algorithms so that clubs buy more players under contract and less free agents. This will help you sell more players.
- Ability to arrange friendly matches.
- Better fouls balance.
- Ability to cancel timeouts.
- 22 new tournaments raise the total number to 89.
- All major tournament formats have been updated.
- Available in 10 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish and Turkish.
- The most detailed data research so far.
- Windows Vista 64 support.
- Updated Data Editor.
- Ability to change skins.
- Ability to select news breaks in daily update.
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