World under Siege: European Front
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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World under Siege: European Front is classic turn-based strategy videogame placed in the world war II period.
When we were designing this game, we tried to do some dynamic and fast rolling TBS. In the same time we wanted to ensure many hours of gameplay and avoid the game becoming repetetive. Therefore, we decided to focus mostly on battles and tactics. The game will feature a limited ammount of micro management, enough to add another dimension of gameplay, while not boring the player at the same time.
From far and cold Russia and Scandinavia, down to hot sands of Africa. Everything matters! The success of the army is not simply its size and type. The lack of ammo and supplies may change the course of any battle! And not to mention army morale, officer leadership, spies, encrypting messages, using engineers to cut off enemy units and supplies.

- innovative single-player and multiplayer campaigns
- three huge WW2 forces : Axis (German and Italian troops), Allies (English and American troops) and Soviet
- fight battles on land, sea and in the air with all means necessary (grenades, torpedoes, depth charges, rockets, projectiles, TNT, mines...
- manage building of infrastructure of war factories
- gain command over more than 80 different army units and war machines
- special units like spies, engineers, long-range artillery (Dora and Gustav) and Maiale
- organize supplies of food, ammo and medicine for battlefields
- astonishing and never seen before spying and counter-spying system inmultiplayer
- blow-up bridges in order to slow down enemy troops
- assign marshals, feldmarshals and army generals to units on the map to ensure maximum effectiveness on the battlefield
- get through various of missions and quests to earn bonuses
- special screen filter effects to create more authentic WW2 atmosphere
- original soundtrack to provide the genuine WW2 atmosphere
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