World War II General Commander - Operation: Watch on the Rhine
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 5756
Date 2008-09-15
Date 2008-09-15
Publisher N/A
December 1944, The German Army Headquarter orders the last big offensive: Watch on the Rhine. Thousands of soldiers supported by tanks, air fighters and bombardiers fought for three dramatics weeks around the Ardennes forest, now you can play it. Feel like a General Commander, leading tens of divisions to stop the German’s offensive or breaking th Allied’s defenses.

General Commander provides you of new combat systems, scale and supply management. The new rules will give you the opportunity to simulate the Blitzkrieg, the army’s movements as it was in the WWII; the combats distance, the map scales and the supply dependency recreate the most accuracy game scenario existing now for Wide Real Time Strategic videogames.

- Dynamic
- Simplicity
- Large game area on real dimensions.
- A revolution in terms of new game rules, a new concept which will launch a new series of strategic games.
- Powerful camera zoom that can take the player from 300 km down to a 1 km scale.
- 3D engine with high quality models and animations.
- Double representation to cover less powerful hardware.
- Utmost importance of the supplying lines and highway network.
- Many victory options.
- Many online game options.
- Scene editor.
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