Worms 3D Review

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Graphics: 8.5
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : 8.5
Overall : 8.5
Review by Kurt Knudsen

Worms3D is the next part in the Worms series. As the name implies, this time they made the game totally 3D. The graphics are wacky and definitely help the style of the game, the audio is just as hilarious as always, and the game play of course is addictive. I must say I had a blast when I previewed the game and I definitely enjoyed playing the full version, especially against some friends of mine.


The graphics in this game are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before from the Worms team. Team 17 opted for a full blown 3D engine that really does a fantastic job showing off the world the worms live in. The level design is totally outrageous and the objects you'll encounter in the levels can be quite interesting to use.

Worms3d uses an in-house engine that was developed over quite some time. The graphics are cartoonish but still give off the feel of the original Worms game. Even without AA/AF on, the graphics look smooth and sharp because of their customized engine. Also this new engine enables the user to blow up terrain just like before.

The maps vary from golf courses to a backyard garden. Each map has its own vantage points and requires a different strategy. The maps themselves are very well designed so that you can easily see all players on the field. I also can’t continue without commenting on the terrain destruction capability. You can blow up everything and anything on the maps. Basically saying you can blow up the ground from under the enemy and watch him sink; or you can blow up the ground under you to shoot another player.

The worms look pretty well detailed. Their faces can show quite a bit of emotions from sadness to a victory face. All of these faces are perfectly timed with whatever is happening in the game. The other animations they perform are pretty much flawless. Going from a basic stance to a karate chop never looked better. Death sequences are quite funny and there are a lot of them too. When a worm dies it makes a weird face and says something stupid and explodes or passes out, or a variety of several other actions.

The menus you choose from are quite easy to navigate. A simple click of the mouse chooses the weapon. Sadly the camera angles aren’t so easy to use. The odd controls, which I will discuss later, are difficult to get used to. This gives an annoyed feeling when trying to aim. Another thing to note is when playing online with friends you cannot adjust the camera when they are taking their turn. In single player mode you can use the blimp view to get a view of the whole map, but your options to view are still limited. In the online mode you see what they see, some might find this fair, others will be disappointed.

For the most part the graphics are very pleasing. They definitely work in 3D as this mode allows for a more robust visual experience. The terrain deformation is still there, which I consider an essential part of the game play. Character animation and the like are great, the scenery in the maps is standard. Overall I am very pleased with the graphics in this game; and hopefully a patch or something can alleviate the issue with the camera and controls.


This is where the true fun begins. The voices in this game are some of the funniest ever, and so well done too. The voices range from robotic to Scotsmen, and they fit the personality of the Worm too. You can choose your team and the voice, and you can change it at any time in the game. The voices spout off random nonsense at times and it can lead to some serious laughs. Definitely a great game if you need a quick cheer up.

The music plays subtly in the background, doesn’t get in the way of the game play and really doesn’t help set the mood. I’m not saying it doesn’t do a good job; it does a fine job actually. The music is perfect for what it does, just fills the gaps between turns and waits. Of course a score that could set the mood and engulf the player more might be more appealing, but I think this style fits the game well.

Sound effects are a blast! Hehe, get it? I’ll say it again, very well done from the get-go. Nothing sounds out of place or weird, the sound, music and game play flow together very well. When you call an AirStrike you can hear the roar of the plane's engines and the whistle of the bombs being dropped. Explosions sound great and add to the wackiness of the game.

I am very pleased with this, everything fits. The people who put the music and sound together deserve some serious kudos because they did a fantastic job of creating great ambient music, while adding realistic sound effects that fit the game perfectly.


If you have ever played a game like Worms or Scorched Earth, then you know what to expect. For the uninitiated I’ll give a brief definition of the game play. You have a team of several worms that must destroy all enemy worms before they destroy you, by any means necessary. You can destroy the ground beneath them, or bomb them with air strikes. Nothing is banned, and there are tons of weapons at your disposal.

You have a few modes of play at your disposal. You can go into a quick match against the computer and duke it out. Another option is to do the campaign mode which lets you do some weird and interesting missions, some of which include avoiding the enemy, and of course destroying the opposition from a disadvantage. You can also play online with friends, more on that later.

You start off with loads of weapons, but you can unlock even more as you play. As you play you can see crates of ammo and health being dropped from above. If you snag these goodies you can collect what’s inside for the benefit of your team. Every team shares weapons, so if you only have 1 Holy Hand Grenade, then only 1 worm can use it. However, you can collect more weapons with the crates, and if 1 worm collects a crate the whole team can use that weapon. Just a note, the computer collects creates and health quite a bit, so beat them to the punch.

In most matches your objective is simple; destroy the enemy before they destroy you. You can use all the weapons to dominate the map. With the added option of blowing up terrain and using various tactics, such as ninja rope, teleport, and jetpack you can gain advantage from several places. Use the weapons wisely and don’t be wasteful. Some missions in the campaign mode tell you to go from point A to point B without dying. This may sound simple, but often it can be frustrating.

As I said the controls are a little weird to get used to. This was a problem with the preview copy I had, but they did improve upon them since. You use the arrow keys to aim and the mouse moves the camera. However, you can go into First Person View and use the mouse to aim, which is what I use almost all the time. The weapon you use is dependant on the view you want to choose. If you want to use Air Strike, then your best bet would be the blimp view.

The AI in the game is quite good, which really surprised me. The first few times I played I got my butt handed to me. They seem to know how to manipulate the wind with their angle and power. After playing a few rounds I got the hand of it and started taking control. You really need to think smart and decide what weapons to use.


Playing online is like playing single player. This time you face your friends instead of a CPU. Be prepared for some heated battles as the player could be a lot smarter than the CPU. The main gripe I have with this mode is the camera control. When your friend is playing you can’t get a view outside of what the player is looking at. Usually I like to watch from above as things go down, to see what they did and how I can counteract.

Playing online is fun and can lead to a lot of lost sleep. While the battles don’t last very long, it is quite easy to start over and still have the need for more. Unlike most games where I play one round and then go do something else, I often found myself playing 5 or so rounds before calling it quits.

Overall the game is great, extremely fun and addictive. If you have friends to play with, it is even better. LANs will never be the same with this game at hand, as you can have a good laugh with some great fun. Despite the difficult controls the game works, it is fun for quite a while and offers a lot of replayability.


Excellent game, Worms3D was very well put together and thought out. Team17 did a fantastic job mixing the old style with the new graphics. The quality of the graphics fits this type of game and the game play hasn’t changed, a few things have been added but the core is still there.

Worms3D is great fun for all ages; the worms don’t say anything offensive, just hilarious anecdotes. This game is definitely a must have for fans of the genre and people looking for a 3D version of the game. Don’t let the 3D graphics fool you, making you think it can’t possibly be as good, it quite possibly is better.