WW2 Battle of Britain
Genre Simulation -> Flight
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Date 2001-01-31
Publisher Take 2
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North America Retail Box ArtIt's a rare combat flight sim that can be all things to all people, but Battle of Britain comes close. The designers set out to model the entire pivotal WWII conflict and succeeded admirably, creating some of the best flight models and visuals this genre has ever seen. With all the realism options turned off, it's basically reduced to the level of an arcade game, but with those same options enabled, even the most jaded virtual pilots will have their hands full. This is the kind of simulation that lets players manually tweak the pitch of their propellers, and makes players deal with issues like carbureted vs. fuel-injected engines, engine torque, and blackouts from pulling too many g's. The designers certainly didn't focus on minute details at the expense of Battle of Britain's strategic possibilities. The game engine is capable of throwing hundreds of planes in the air at once, and it simulates raids whether they are part your particular mission or not. It's possible to take off with the intention of intercepting a small flight of Stuka dive-bombers only to end up responding to a massive raid of heavy bombers attacking a town miles away. Few games give the player such a sense of playing a bit part on the stage of battle. That's not to say the gamers' actions and input are inconsequential. Battle of Britain also comes with a campaign mode that lets players make strategic decisions as either the British or the Germans. As the British players, receive reports on incoming raids and apportion your meager resources to effectively meet each threat. German commanders get to deal with the problem of assigning fighter escorts to the bombers, knowing that the fighters can't spend more than 20 minutes over enemy soil because of fuel limitations. Those are just a few of the situations players face. It's also possible to jump into any plane in the campaign mode to play out a mission in the simulation mode. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Masterful combination of cerebral strategic campaign mode and adrenaline-charged simulation mode Excellent flight models Beautiful terrain and buildings Cons: High-quality visuals require a lot of computing horsepower Sound effects could be better Steep system requirments Some users report frequent system-crashing bugs
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