Genre Action -> Fighting
Today's Rank 8652
Date 2002-10-14
Publisher THQ
Date 2002-11-08
Publisher THQ
North America Retail 
Box ArtUnited Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtFeel the pain, intensity and glory of the World Wrestling Entertainment in excruciating detail with WWE Raw for PC. Wage war with modern day gladiators and battle to the top of the WWE ranks in the ultimate battle of supremacy. Create alliances with other WWE Superstars or simply wreak havoc on the entire Federation to secure the ultimate reward: the World Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Championship. Play as more than 35 WWE Superstars and perform earth shattering finishing moves in a variety of different match types. Take the action backstage and break through doors in more than 10 randomly generated areas. For the first time ever, take the action into the crowd and attack opponents on their way to the ring. Witness the fear on an opponent’s face as you prepare to drive them into the mat and out of contention. Featuring a TV style presentation with in-game cut-a-ways and “Double Feature” replay, WWE Raw is sure to bring the action to life like never before.

Wage war with the top WWE Superstars modeled in amazing detail
For the first time ever, assault opponents on their way to the ring
Watch the audience scatter as the action spills into the crowd
Battle in more than 10 backstage areas
Create the ultimate WWE Superstar
WWE style presentation with in-game cut scenes and “Double Feature” replay
Unique and strategic fighting system
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