X-Tension Review

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Graphics: 8.5
Sound : 7.5
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.0
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Xtension (c) THQ

X-Tension is based on X-Beyond the Frontier the older Space game where you have been able to build ships and manage the ships. Well, normally I hate games like Wing Commander but when I had a look at X-Tension, I was really surprised about it's feature to give you the thinking that you can do what you want where you want. U are at all very independent and the campaign (?) you are playing is highly open. There are many Missions you will have to fail or win, and if you win one you get money, you get materials and you can enter and take over the ships you have defeated in battle. U can build some factories where you may build the ships you can fly with. U can also give your bought ship weapons to fire with and those ships also contain of some auto-pilot which is not that useful but you might get some help if you are newbie. The feeling to control a space shuttle is really good, expect when you do a roll with about 45 mph you wont stay totally if you stop rolling no... you will roll over all little bit more so the engine of that game makes fun. The sound is also ok but I really miss a sound interface like it was represented to us in WC5. But at all the sound is ok. The music is at all very ok with the whole game so you do not have to insert a cd of yourself to listen to making happy music. The campaign has many independent and free mission you can play so there is no real structure to win the game. The only thing I am missing in X-Tension is that there is GOD DAMN not at least one small tutorial to learn how to play the game. U will have to play it several hours to find out what your job is. Hopefully you do, else you wont be able to get the feeling of holding a joystick in your hands flying through the space and getting same like mad when mother opens the door to tell you its eating time ;). The atmosphere is damn good and kicks ass. After all will give out some hours or days maybe months to play myself through the game. Would be cool to see some Multi-player option soon.

After all here is the reward

Graphic : 8.5/10 :: Whoa never seen such a beautiful graphic it gives much to the Atmosphere so Whoa!

Sound : 7.5/10 :: Hmm... maybe it would be better if there were some speech samples but at all ok.

Gameplay : 8/10 :: Like wtf... Hehe I am just missing a tutorial, if you are later in the game its easy.

Multi-player : 0/10 :: Erm... you cant say that having about 50 ships is Multi-player so damn make a Multi-player Mode.

Single-player : 9/10 :: Better and more complex than WC5 and Descent Freespace 2 so wow!

Overall : 9/10 :: Yes the Game deserves it to be called superior