Xtreme Air Racing
Genre Simulation -> Flight
Today's Rank 21318
Date 2003-10-21
Publisher Encore Software
Date 2002-05-24
Publisher Just Flight
Xtreme Air Racing Xtreme Air Racing United Kingdom Retail Box ArtXtreme Air Racing is a fast-paced action-orientated flight sim based on the aerial displays and races held annually in Reno Nevada. Combatants take to the skies in specially customised World War 2 planes and race over the course avoiding pylons. You begin in the air so there is no tricky taking off and landing to worry about and there is a great tutorial from airshow veteran Bob Hoover. Racing itself is very pick up and play, there are a number of visual guides such as air hoops, and pylon lasers so that you can avoid the more deadly obstacles in the game; luckily though if you like your races a bit more challenging then you can turn this feature off. If you like dogfighting there is also an air combat mode. You can also customise your plane by altering prop size, engines, wing length and fuel/coolant loads. This feature is important when you leave the Reno track and head off for pastures new such as the Alps or the Arctic where altitude and temperature differences affect aircraft performance. Xtreme Air Racing is a challenging and exciting extreme racing game and it’s a novel concept for flight sim fanatics and racing adrenalin junkies alike.--Larry Turner
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Xtreme Air Racing North America Retail Box Art

Xtreme Air Racing United Kingdom Retail Box Art