Yoomurjak's Ring
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The main character of our story is Jonathan Hunt, a young journalist from New York. On his father’s side, he is the great-grandson of Professor Samuel Hunt, the protagonist of AGON, while on his mother’s side he has Hungarian roots. After his mother’s death he decides to set off for Hungary, for the first time in his life. While there, he makes sure to visit the town of Eger, which is the backdrop to one of his favorite childhood readings, ’The Eclipse of the Crescent Moon’. The book is an antique volume, a first edition from 1901. It was his great-grandfather’s and its mysterious origin becomes apparent by two enclosed letters, which were written to Samuel Hunt by a certain Professor Pál Ábray long ago. Jonathan, who inherited a fondness for mysteries and history, decides to search for the Hungarian professor’s descendants while in Eger.

More than 30 locations
More than 30 actors
More than 600 panoramic views
More than 1.5 hours of footage
Special sound recordings
Special puzzles
New interface elements
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