Zero Online
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In the world of ZERO, the players no more play as warriors or mages in a desolate land but the pilots who master high-tech weapons, fighting in the immense universe. Shuttling between the numerous galaxies, the units of various forms and functions are navigated by the pilots to fight against ferocious alien enemies. It is an epic war: battling for the Earth Alliance is the pilots` ultimate honor and eternal duty.

ZERO offers various units of incredible power for the players to pilot. To survive under varying battle conditions, these units are classified into two types: Melee and Range.

Melee units use hand to hand weaponry such as swords and scythes. Yet due to their high-tech rebuilding, these weapons can deal extraordinary damage to the enemies. The Ion Vibrating Blade, the Impulse Sword, and the energy Spear are just a few of the futuristic weapons providing the ultimate potency for these Melee pilots. While some of the more advanced melee weapons are made of photon power which combines the sheer force of these weapons with futuristic know-how; making them visually dynamic and incredibly powerful.

Range units excel at long-distance attacks, and the super guns are their favorite weapons. Equipped with different types of weapons, they can exert critical attacks of different attributes. The Flame Guns can eject high-temperature flames; the Frost Guns freeze the targets instantly; the Shotguns can frighten off the enemies; and the Machine Guns inflict instantaneous, multiple damage on the enemies. In addition, the unique multi-weapon system allows for simultaneous and varied attacks. The advanced range weapons have also incorporated the use of photon energy.
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