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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 6.5
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
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Zeus: Master of Olympus (c) Sierra/Impressions

Introduction / Plot:

Experience mythology as you never imagined it. Invite gods, monsters, and heroes into a city you create and rule, as the creators of the award-winning City Building Series immerse you in the Heroic Age of Greece. Players have the power to host Olympics, send Jason after the Golden Fleece, summon Hercules to fight the Hydra, raise an army, fight the Trojan War, and establish colonies nearby. Specifically designed for all types of players, Zeus is divided into hour-long episodes, has variable difficulty, and doesn't require a fast computer or new hardware. Zeus: Master of Olympus is non-violent and family-friendly.

Gameplay / Controls

It is a very fun game from the time you have understood how it works, untill the time you get tired of doing the same things over and over.. There will come problems in the game that requires you to do something other then the main routine-work, but those are usually just causing problems, and only take a couple of mouseclicks and some patience to fix. Apart from this, there is a good variety of "missions" to do, so if you are a big fan of the game, and like the story (which was too uninteresting) you will have alot of fun with it. The game also have a feature that make you get information about the citys needs/lacks if you right-click on a building or an inhabitant, which proves to be very usefull. The helpsystem is a bit lacking, but all it takes is trialling and failing for a couple of hours to learn it. It should also be possible to control your armies while attacking.

Sound / Music

The music doesn't play a big role in this game, and after playing it for a while you won't even notice it. The musicpart could definately be improved. The soundeffects are good, though, and varies from which part of the city you watch, yet there are still big rooms for improvements here.


You see the game from an isometric view, and the graphics are very nice, varied and detailed. There are of course rooms for improvements, but that would hurt the gameplay and probably require much better hardware to play it. It requires p166 & 32 mb ram to play it, and it's still beautifull!


Overally I would say this is a game that I would place somewhere in between "good" and "very good." While it is fun to play for alot of hours, it gets boring after a while. There should have been more varied scenarios, and there should be another system for building armies. Alot of people play such games for the war-part of them, which was very lacking. But it is still well worth the money, and gives some good hours of gameplay!