Zoo Tycoon Marine Mania
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
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Date 2002-10-17
Date 2002-11-15
North America Retail Box ArtHere's good news for animal lovers: another expansion pack for Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon. Marine Mania lets you build a water park like Sea World, complete with your own dancing penguins, bottle-nosed dolphins or your own version of Shamu the Killer Whale. The expansion fits right into the existing core gameplay of Zoo Tycoon: you manage your park, listen to your customers, plan the layout well, listen to your "specialists" (zoo keepers) for the right mix of exhibit size and food for your various critters and watch everyone enjoy the park. Add an amphitheatre to any pen and you've got ample seating for a show. There are 20 marine animals (from jellyfish and sperm whales to orcas and great white sharks) and some animals double as terrific entertainers (dolphins, orcas, etc). Once again, you can always mix animals, and of course the only violence comes from mixing carnivores with the gentler fishes. But Marine Mania is as kid friendly as ever, so the best you get is some thrashing during a Great White feeding frenzy, rather than red-tinted waters. Drop a human in the pool and they simply swim out. Darn. Keeping with the kid friendly theme the game also features an encyclopaedia entry on each critter, which makes the gameplay almost as educational as a trip to a real water park. The only problems are the game engine and graphics. Microsoft targeted low-end computers, which is fine, but as time goes on each expansion pack looks more and more behind the times. The animations in Marine Mania are simple and quickly become boring to watch and that's something you should never have to say about a shark feeding frenzy or dolphins performing tricks. Still, the expansion is an absolute must for fans of the original game. --Andrew S Bub

- Includes Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs Expansion Pack
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