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North America Retail Box ArtZool 1 - "Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension" He's an interstellar cosmos dweller, quicker than a flash and sharper than the 7 samurai! And he's counting on you to guide him thru six worlds and back to his home, the "Nth" Dimension. It won't be easy. Your enemy, Krool, and his assistant, Mental Block will be awaiting you at every turn, transforming ordinary objects into deadly assassins! As you explore different levels, you must eliminate as many of Krool's Legionares as you can, pick up bonuses, find the exit and defeat the end of level beastie (oh, and don't forget to keep an eye on the clock!) Good luck, it's going to be weird! Zool 2 - Zool is back and now he has a female side kick Zooz in this action packed platform arcade action sequel. You'll need joystick skills from the Nth Dimension when you help them take on the evil Krool and his devious accomplice Mental Block as they seek to wipe imagination from the face of existence. Can you imagine pitting your wits against such a duo across six fantasic levels of major legaue mayhem?

- Double Play! 2 Games On 1 CD-Rom! Includes Zool 1 and Zool 2!
- Zool 1 features 6 action packed levels - special weapons and pickup items help Zool to combat his enemies. Continue points in every level! 3 skill levels to choose from!
- Zool 2 features 6 huge levels super charged with varied and challenging gameplay! Play either Zool or the fabulous Zooz, each with their own special strengths and moves! A nerve jangling collection of cunning enemies and monsters!
- Essential and varied power ups and collectibles! Hidden bonus rooms and secret levels to find!
- PC: DOS, Windows 95/98 DOS Mode
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