Zork Grand Inquisitor
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 23926
Date N/A
Publisher Activision
Date N/A
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtZork Grand Inquisitor is an adventure game in the tradition of the earlier, text-only Zork games: addictive, challenging, and dryly funny. A gorgeous first-person perspective delivers a game experience much like Myst, only within the world of Zork and the Great Underground Empire. You begin your adventuring career as a Suck-O-Matic sales representative, caught outside the town of Port Foozle after curfew. This in itself is a life-threatening situation, because the town is under martial law. The Inquisition has arrived to stamp out all magic, and petty rule infractions are punishable by death. Soon you've landed in even more hot water, finding a talking lantern and a book of spells. Traveling with this contraband, you encounter a number of bizarre characters and attempt to outwit the Inquisition on your quest to recover the three magic artifacts that will supposedly restore magic to the land. Zork Grand Inquisitor features super design, great graphics, and an interesting story, but its best feature is the famous Zork sense of humor. From the Grand Inquisitor's battle slogan--"I am the boss of you!"--to the snide comments your lantern makes when you get killed, this game will keep adventure fans laughing late into the night. Just be sure to keep a light on, lest you be eaten by a Grue. --Alyx Dellamonica
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