Zu Online
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Zu Online - which refers to lots of classical sutras, has its setting based on the supernature novel---The Life of Swordsman in a area called Zu.

It is an elaborately and well-designed 3D MMORPG with a rich culture of immortals and knight-errants. Its most outstanding feature is putting emphasis on the traditional orient-culture of monkery. The in-game quests will boost the development of storyline. Players will be able to taste flying by riding a sword, consubstantiating gods, forging mystic weapons, creating sects and other else amusing.

Zu Mountain, these two characters do not only represent a range of mountains and streams. By contrast, considerable ghosts, immortals, knight-errants and uncanny fairylands have been tightly fastened to them. Zu Mountain has become the pronoun of the millenarian oriental culture of immortals and monkery.

In a word, Zu Online is a story about the immortals monkery and battles against the evil. It has attracted much attention since its debut. We believe that Zu online will be a focus of the new online games in Q4 2007.
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Zu Online PK Trailer
43.84MB - 78 downloads - 23 January, 2009

PK is short for Player Kill which is usually used to name the fight between players. PK in all areas except the safe areas (such as all main cities, and all transfer points of scenes). No matter what their level, if there is a discrepancy of more than 90 between 2 players' levels they may not attack each other. All wonderful PK scene will be shown in this new trailer.

play Zu Online PK Trailer download Zu Online PK Trailer
Zu Online Fighting Boss Trailer
49.19MB - 42 downloads - 19 November, 2008

1:32 of in-game footage

play Zu Online Fighting Boss Trailer download Zu Online Fighting Boss Trailer