007 The World is not Enough
Genre Action -> FPS
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2002-09-13
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe World Is Not Enough offers a satisfying experience in terms of both graphics and gameplay. You play the part of 007, and the action is viewed from a first-person perspective. As each level begins you're given a set of objectives by M and these have to be completed before you can proceed. The tasks mainly involve shooting as many bad guys as possible with a variety of satisfyingly chunky weaponry, but there are also skiing, driving, gambling (one of the most fun) and stealth levels, with the latter utilising some neat gadgetry provided by John Cleese's R. The game follows the plot of the film very closely, with 10 levels being linked by extensive movie footage. An experienced gamer will not have too many problems finishing TWINE in a few hours, and the extensive violence makes this game unsuitable for younger players, but most James Bond fans will find much to entertain them in this diverting romp. --Michael Bartley While Tomorrow Never Dies presents the variety and intrigue one would expect from the beloved licensed-to-kill, Martini-sippin' spy, it would have benefited from a bit more polishing. Don't expect this game to be on par with the games and movies that preceded it; in fact, if you're looking for a GoldenEye-like experience for the PlayStation, you'd be much better off with WWII period piece Medal of Honor. Tomorrow Never Dies uses an auto target mode, but it's far too restrictive to be of use here, requiring players to stand still in order to keep the target locked. The game loyally follows the film, but when the action intensifies--such as a hot pursuit on skis, or flying a nuclear warhead-laden jet out of a hot zone--players are forced to either relinquish control entirely or have minimal input. Gadgets from Bond's old pal Q are too sparsely used, and the absence of any multiplayer mode seals this game's fate as a small diversion rather than a stellar accomplishment. --Jeff Young
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