Akuji The Heartless
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
North America Retail Box Art"My weapons are an extension of my will," boasts Akuji, a voodoo warrior priest with a serious score to settle. As the story opens, you--Akuji--find that your brother has killed you and imprisoned your fiancée. Not only that, but you, as the undead Akuji, must seek revenge and save the woman you love. There is just one problem: the keeper of the gates of the underworld will not let you leave until you purge all the levels of hell of the souls of your evil ancestors! Rendered in stunning 3-D, this very playable third-person game immerses you in the world of voodoo mythology. Built around an engaging story, Akuji is a bitter struggle against the evils of your heritage. Wrist blades and devastating spells are your only allies in this horrific battle. While the basic key hunt structure of most first- and third-person shooters is also present here, the grimly fascinating story line keeps the player involved. That said, the nightmarish reality of Akuji's voodoo struggle is not for the squeamish. --Allen Stewart Pros: Beautiful, fluid graphics Compelling story Spooky sound effects and scenery Cons: Very creepy plot Little variation of enemies Too dependent on monotonous key hunts
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