Army Men Sarges Heroes 2
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 25516
Date N/A
Publisher 3DO
Date 2000-11-24
Publisher 3DO
North America Retail Box ArtArmy Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 is the latest edition of a game series featuring those tiny, green plastic men. The gameplay and characters will be familiar for anyone who has played the original Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, however this time Sarge and the gang will have to not only defeat General Plastro and his Tan Army, but also deal with the backstabbing Brigitte Bleu.With imaginative landscapes that are littered with great variety of weapons any one who has used their imagination to create epic battles with these plastic toys will surely be entertained by seeing them come to life as you take down a helicopter with a well-aimed rocket, or melt an enemy toy with a flame-throwerArmy Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 disappoints however, with controls that are, in a word, plastic. The developers seemed to have attempted to address this carryover problem from the original game with a 180-degree turn button, but it isn't much help. The auto-aim makes up for most of the control problems, but the feature is available only on the "easy" setting, making the others not fun to play. New enemies provide more of a nuisance than a challenge. They pose little threat, yet are hard to take down, which means it's better to just avoid them. Another disappointment is the poor multiplayer support, particularly the lack of options.The latest version of Sarge's Heroes does not contain enough improvements to call it a hit, though it is an engaging and entertaining game, especially for those with a big bucket of toy soldiers in their attic. --Tom Kasperson
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