ATV Quad Power Racing
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Acclaim
North America Retail Box ArtThe main thing this game has going for it is speed--pure speed. And that's really the most important thing a racing game can have. Unlike so many racing games that throw a hundred options at players and then offer lame, slow-motion action, ATV more or less says hurry up. The fact that the vehicles of choice are ATVs is almost unimportant, except that, like a cat, they can catch huge air and always seem to land on all fours. And though these machines go fast, there's really little reason to slow down. In fact, players won't even have to break on the first three tracks, as power leans and a slight easing of the accelerator can satisfy most turning demands. Of course, all this speed does have its costs, especially as far as graphics go. It's not that the tracks are ugly by any means; they hold together with little polygon breakage. It's just that they're entirely generic. You've got your desert track, your snow track, your forest track, and subtle variations of the aforementioned three. Also, there's very little a player can do besides race--in other words, no tricks. Obviously, this can get pretty boring after a while, but for those who just want to race, ATV makes a decent showing. --Robb Guido

- Fast-paced four-wheeler racing game
- Lots of tracks on three different surfaces
- Cool sounds and music
- All about speed--no tricks
- For 1 player
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