Barbie Race and Ride
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPlastic icon Barbie stars in this playful game, which enables gamers to ride horseback on five different nature trails filled with various obstacles. Each trail is peppered with lightweight challenges (such as jumping over an occasional log or stream). There are also a few surprises that you will encounter on the various trails, including some mini-arcade games that are triggered by certain events. As you move through each trail, the game takes an unusual first-person perspective that shows your view from atop the horse. Game environments include a snowy mountain path, a grassy meadow, and a warm beach. The pre-rendered animation is fairly smooth and colorful, but controlling the moves of your horse can be a bit awkward. This game is designed to be compatible with Sony's dual shock controllers, which allow players to feel each bump and rumble. As you might expect from any licensed Barbie game, this title is designed to appeal to young girls. While there is plenty of pleasant eye candy for beginning gamers, this game clearly encourages players to engage in low-stress fun that requires little hand-eye coordination. Instead, Barbie Race & Ride is more about exploration and, in some cases, adventure. The game does reward persistent players with access to a much-fabled "secret ranch." For gamers that want to take a break from the saddle, there is an opportunity to wash and groom your horse in the barn. Barbie Race & Ride succeeds in offering a friendly, nonviolent exploration environment for beginning gamers. Older brothers, beware! --Brett Atwood Pros: Race with a friend in 2-player competition mode Colorful trails and happy environments Cons: Controls can be awkward

- Horseback riding action with Barbie
- 5 different nature trails
- Mini-arcade games mixed in the game
- Compatible with Sony's dual shock controllers
- For 1 or 2 players
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