Blast Lacrosse
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Fully licensed by the National Lacrosse League, Blast Lacrosse is the first and only lacrosse game for the PlayStation. All nine teams--complete with official uniforms and rosters--from this indoor lacrosse league are in the game. The gameplay is heavily influenced by the NFL Blitz series, known for its fast-paced arcade-style action. Teams get hot after scoring three goals in a row, giving them an advantage until they're shut down. Also similar are the dramatic comebacks and lead changes that are a regular part of the game. Players will react strongly to Scott Farrell's commentary. Some will love his frequent one-liners and comedic timing, while others will hate it. There will be no argument over the game's shoddy graphics, however. The players are extremely blocky and lack detail. The game's controls are a mixed bag. While running, passing, and checking are fairly smooth, controlling a player's shot can be challenging. Technically and aesthetically Blast Lacrosse is an average game at best. However, it offers the unique experience of a novel sport. Gamers looking for something different will want to consider this title. No other game will let you play out your dream of becoming a Rochester Knighthawk. --Raymond M. Padilla Pros: An original experience Frenetic gameplay Unique commentary Cons: Poor graphics Imprecise shooting Season mode is limited
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