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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAs retro gaming continues to increase in popularity, many classic arcade games are getting a modern-day facelift. The latest 2-D coin-op classic to enter the 3-D era is Atari's Centipede, which now allows you to wander through a wide-ranging environment filled with cantankerous centipedes, sneaky spiders and other deadly enemies. Gameplay varies considerably from the original game. While your goal is still to shoot and survive, there are now six worlds and 30 levels to conquer. Retro gaming purists may scoff at the colourful new environments, which have replaced the generic black background of the original game. However, the 3-D game design now allows for dangerous enemies to creep up from any angle (which they often do). Fortunately, the controls have also been updated to allow you to strategically jump over approaching enemies. --Brett Atwood Pros: Impressive 3-D update to classic arcade favourite Multiplayer support (up to 4 players) Cons: Controls may confuse some players
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