Cool Boarders 4
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United Kingdom Retail Box ArtIf 13-year-old Shaun White can ride with the big guys in the professional snowboarding circuit, then certainly you can master a snowboarding game simulation. Right? For the first time in the Cool Boarder series, PlayStation owners can challenge the likes of Mr. White and 15 other pro riders who have been digitally re-created for the game. Add eight new tricks (such as hand plants in the half pipe) and a complete build-a-rider mode (which allows you to create your own snowy superstar), and you've pretty much summed up the major differences between Cool Boarders 3 and Cool Boarders 4. One of the coolest new effects in the game is that riders now sink into deep powder instead of skating right over it. A signature of the series is the ability to throw punches at other riders during races, but players can choose to turn that feature off for a cleaner challenge. Players who were gaga over Cool Boarders 3 will be pleased with the enhancements in this game. But with gameplay that is essentially the same as its predecessor, gamers looking for a unique thrill may wish to carve a turn and look elsewhere. --Jeff Young Pros: 16 real pro snowboarders, 30 new courses, and nine board manufacturers add to realism Customized athletic ability, clothing, and board Cons: Fourth incarnation of game not exactly fresh
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