Crash Bash
Genre Action -> Fighting
Today's Rank 0
Date N/A
Publisher S.C.E.E.
Date 2000-12-01
North America Retail Box ArtWith Crash Bash, the PlayStation finally has received its official party game in the vein of Mario Party and Sonic Shuffle. Up to four players can engage in 30 minigames, provided that one of those players owns a Multitap accessory. The games are almost as simple as the minigames that are found in Combat for the old Atari. There's Crash Ball, a four-way game of pong, and Desert Fox, in which the game characters go after each other in tanks. Adventure mode even includes boss battles in minigame form. The beauty of Crash Bash is that anyone--and I mean anyone--can pick it up and play it, with virtually no instruction. On the other hand, playing against computer opponents is pointless. Without friends to liven things up, the premise gets old in no time. The graphics and sounds share the same cartoonish quality of the previous Crash games, with playable bad guys. There's some graphical choppiness in multiplayer mode, but looks aren't the point of this one, anyway. --Robb Guido Pros: Easy to pick up and play Thirty different minigames, most of which are fun when played with or against friends Cons: Hard to enjoy without a Multitap and four players
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