Dance Dance Revolution Konamix
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher Konami
Date 2005-07-01
Publisher Konami
Get ready to dance the night away with all-new songs and game modes in this sequel to Dance Dance Revolution. Players can save and edit dance steps to create their own dance routines. The special workout mode allows you to have fun shaping up while also tracking the calories you burn. And you can re-create the arcade experience with Konami's Dance Dance Revolution controller. The game includes more than 50 high-energy songs in a variety of genres, including pop, disco, Latin, techno, and house. It also features a completely redesigned interface and new graphics, plus a special edit mode that allows players to customize dance steps for every song, develop player-specific routines, and trade dance patterns with friends. Also included are new songs never released in the Japanese version. Burn up the dance floor with two-player modes, allowing players to dance cooperatively or competitively. Multiple options and difficulty settings make Dance Dance Revolution Konamix easy to learn for people of all ages.

- The only game compatible with both PS and PS2
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