Die Hard Trilogy
Genre Action -> Action
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Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtAll too frequently, developers who try to incorporate multiple genres of gameplay into a single title fail miserably. Fortunately for gamers, Fox Interactive has successfully merged three distinct game styles into Die Hard Trilogy. This expansive action game faithfully follows the plots of the theatrical films--sans Bruce Willis.The game starts off with a whimper rather than a bang, since the first game (Die Hard) is the worst of the bunch. In this action shooter sequence, you re-create John McClane's barefoot hostage rescue mission from the first film. While this game segment is fun in short doses, the run-and-gun gameplay ultimately gets repetitive.The second sequence Die Harder is much stronger. In fact, it is one of the best light-gun games available for the PlayStation. As with other light-gun action games, you must shoot objects as they quickly move across the screen. In this part of the game, you must shoot your way through the Dulles airport. You can play this portion of the game with the basic PlayStation controller, but we highly recommend that you invest in a light gun for maximum fun.Die Hard with a Vengeance concludes this game on a high note. This sequence consists of an incredibly fun (and bloody) driving game that takes place in a realistic city environment with traffic, pedestrians and New York landmarks. As a whole, this collection represents one of the best values available for the PlayStation, provided you can stomach the over-the-top violence and copious bloodshed. --T Byrl Baker
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