Digimon World
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
Date 2001-07-06
Publisher Atari
And so the latest Pocket Monsters-style game falls off the production line, with Infogrames' Digimon World giving PlayStation owners the chance to play with little critters of their own. Sucked into the Digimon world, the player is given the usual task of saving everyone's hide. So off you travel, with your Digimon in tow, as you train it, feed it, encourage it, scold it and generally build it up in advance of battles ahead. Thus, the gameplay follows the pattern of exploring the game world, talking to its inhabitants and fighting off baddies where necessary. Sadly, while Digimon World is graphically far superior to the Pokémon series on Game Boy, it's not as tight a game. Its momentum is severely hampered by the need to take part in prolonged conversations, which take far too long and leave you bashing at buttons simply to get back to the action. And when the fights do kick off, you'll find you're more an observer than anything else. With Nintendo never likely to permit Pokémon to venture onto any other formats, it seems Play Station owners in need of their own Pocket Monsters have a very limited choice. As it stands, Digimon World is reasonable fun at first, and for younger, less demanding players, it has its merits. --Simon Brew
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