Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Date N/A
Publisher Atari
Date N/A
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIt's the year 2463 and the objective is clear. Take control of an expendable group of mass-produced soldiers, armed with flamethrowers, laser-guided missile launchers, and other high-powered weapons, and make the world safe for humans. The mission may be suicidal, but not to worry: when one expendable goes down, the mother ship just sends another in. The enemy, a group of metal-plated aliens known as the Charva, comes at you in waves, as players search for keys, human hostages, and hidden secrets. There are 20 levels of mayhem in all, including bonus stages, as well as two-player cooperative and death modes. On the downside, even the most experienced players may find Expendable nearly impossible to beat. Also, the graphics and control of this version are a sizable notch below the Dreamcast version. But if it's total carnage players are after, this one doesn't disappoint. --Robb Guido Pros: Nonstop, run-and-shoot action Lots of weapons to choose from Cons: Below-average controls and graphics
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