Final Fantasy 8
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2003-06-30
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtSquareSoft has always had a sure-fire hit when releasing any of their Final Fantasy titles, and Final Fantasy VIII should be no exception. The basis of a good RPG (role-playing game) has always been the story; spectacular graphics are secondary. Final Fantasy VIII's involved and interesting storyline is filled with great twists, well-developed characters, suspense, and romance. As an added bonus, the graphics are beautiful. Everything--from the low-lit jazz club to the steam-filled railroad tunnels--is gorgeous and perfectly sets the mood and tone of a scene. The game mechanics are standard fare for an RPG: acquisition of items and spells, turn-based combat, experience points earned in combat allowing advances in levels. From exploration to battles to dialogue, Final Fantasy VIII has it all. However, Final Fantasy VIII falls to that great weakness of RPGs: random battles. While necessary for advancing in levels, the battles occur with such frequency that they can grow annoying, making for a tedious game experience.The epic storyline spans four discs--over 40 hours of gameplay--and is based around a mercenary cadet who finds himself caught up with an underground rebel faction. He winds up in a plot to assassinate the sorceress who has just seized power from the president.You could complain of limited replay value, but this gripe is of no consequence: the game is such a satisfying experience, it doesn't require replay. Final Fantasy VIII is easily worth both the hype and the wait. You can't buy a much better game. --John Cocking Pros: A story to beat all stories Characters worth caring about Hey--it's from SquareSoft Stunning animations Cons: Too many random battles Combat is, as always, turn-based and offers minimal excitement Weak souls might give up after two or three discs of play

- Squall, a member of an elite military team, is forced into a conflict beyond imagination
- To survive he must contend with a desperate rival, a powerful sorceress and his own mysterious dreams
- Contains realistic detailed characters and background graphics
- A breathtaking musical score enhances game play
- Another great edition of the Final Fantasy series of games
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