Formula One 2001
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2001-05-25
First and foremost, Formula One 2001 is a graphical delight--the detailing is superb. For example, when racing in the wet, plumes of spray vortex elegantly off the aerofoils of the cars in front--and if you can spare a glance from your busy cockpit you'll find that the big screens placed around the circuit are showing live coverage of your race to your adoring fans. Secondly, the driving experience is excellent. This is not a point and squirt game; it requires considerable skill to keep the cars on the track, let alone drive to pole position. So far so good but some of the technical features are disappointingly implemented. The damage to the cars after accidents is poorly crafted and the commentary from Murray Walker is highly repetitive and sometimes inappropriate. These two interact hysterically on occasions. After a particularly heavy shunt, Murray is liable to chip in with "Oh, and he's lost a wheel there", just as you rejoin the race with all four corners intact. In addition you'll find that your AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponents tend to demonstrate RS (Real Stupidity) in their depressing tendency to drive straight into the back of you if you're a tad too slow into a corner. Formula One 2001 is a game that pays superb attention to visual detail but lacks some of the technical detail that's needed for classic status; however, it's still a highly recommended game. Happily Murray can be turned off and you can concentrate on honing your driving skills in a superb graphical environment--but remember to keep an eye on those mirrors. --Mark Whitehorn
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