Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
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Grand Theft Auto places you in the role of a common street thug whose job it is to carry out the will of ruthless crime bosses. Stealing cars and settling drug deals are just some of your dirty tasks as you run, gun, steal, and drive through three different crime-infested cities. Fail and you get cussed out by your superiors. Succeed and you rise through the ranks of the organization, get more respect, and tackle tougher missions. Still, through it all, you play an evil criminal who kills random folks for dishonorable people. This is definitely not a game for kids or the easily insulted. But if you enjoy random acts of virtual violence, this game may be for you. Just keep thinking, it's only a game. --Allen Stewart Pros: You can steal any car on the screen Each car handles and sounds differently Easy game play and helpful arrows point your way Open-ended game: pick your own missions, go anywhere you want Cons: Very violent The game insults its players and cusses at them Outdated graphics, similar to the old Spy Hunter game

- Groundbreaking non-linear urban crime game
- Take up the life of a gangster and wreak havoc on the city
- Drive to complete missions or just freelance
- Intended for mature players
- For 1 player
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