Hogs of War
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Publisher Atari
Date N/A
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIf you have you been searching for the utterly bizarre, then Hogs of War may be the game you are looking for. You command a team of elite soldier pigs, from the major powers of Saustralia--either Tommy's Trotters, Piggystroika, Sow-A-Krauts, Sushi Swine, Garlic Grunters or Uncle Ham's Hogs. All are grossly stereotyped so you have no problems figuring out their influencing nationalities. Set in a sort of porky World War II era, you have to fight your opponents and regain the territories, seeking domination of the South Pigsific island cluster.The battle opens with the first pig on your team, who then gets a set amount of time to achieve something, be it an attack on the enemy, or a manoeuvre to a better position. Then the opposition gets to move. Once your enemy has finished their go, control returns to your next pig. In that way, the game is more like pig chess, demanding forward thinking and strategic awareness before you commit your trotter to something. Having said that, the starting levels are swayed in your favour to ensure a rapid progression into the game.You can promote your swine and specialise them, allowing a greater diversity of weapons and features. Everything from the humble riflepig to the engineer is available allowing you to blow-up, infiltrate and shoot your pig-foe as you please. There can also be up to four players with a multi-tap for ultimate pig madness. There is no making bacon in Hogs of War, it is a fight to the end.Hogs of War is a totally original game that will have you in stitches. With "rib-splitting" vocals from Rik Mayall, if you don't play Hogs of War you are missing one of the weirdest games ever. --Chris Hall
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