Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
Publisher Ripcord Games
Date 2000-09-01
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtInfestation is set in 2237, when aliens have overrun the world. Only a small unit of resistance remains and it is down to these people to restore peace to the planet. The game is a remake of the classic shooter of the same name, modernised and set in a three-dimensional environment. The player is placed in an armed vehicle with a variety of weapons available, all of which can be upgraded throughout the game. This ability to develop hardware has also been extended to include the vehicle itself. Initially an armed buggy, depending on the mission objectives, your craft has the ability to turn into an armoured truck, a hovercraft, a heli-jet or a skimmer, giving a greater potential to varying gameplay. However, this potential is not realised. Smooth graphics, reasonable sound and 22 roaming levels still cannot disguise the fact that this game still stems from the "aim and shoot" stable of gaming. The vehicle controls are unresponsive and, despite the different mission parameters and levels, gameplay soon becomes repetitive. Infestation is not the next generation shoot-'em-up that many were hoping for. However, those of a nostalgic nature may still find this game enjoyable. --Alex Leung

- Win. 95/98
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