Jackie Chans Stunt Master
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 14636
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2000-07-28
Superstar Jackie Chan is known for his fast kicks and fancy stunts--so it is no surprise that he is finally getting his own video game. Jackie can bounce off walls, use ordinary objects as weapons, break things and, of course, kick and punch the daylights out of any thug who stands in his way.Like his movies, the game does have some semblance of a plot. It seems that Jackie's grandfather has been kidnapped (while Jackie was stuffing his face at a café, no less). The action star must fight his way through a number of back alleys and abandoned factories to rescue him. To carry out his mission, Jackie must collect red and gold dragon tokens and take on some pretty mean bosses.Short movie scenes feature a computer-generated Chan with all the facial expressions fans have come to know and love as well as his own voice acting. Jackie Chan Stuntmaster might not exactly be A Rumble on the Bronx, but it is the next best thing to seeing Jackie on the silver screen. --Robb Guido
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