Killer Loop
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Date 2001-04-27
Publisher Ubisoft
The latest challenger to WipEout's throne comes in the form of Killer Loop. Ubi Soft's concept of the futuristic racer is heavily influenced by--and best described as a hybrid of--both WipEoutand Rollcage, with the player guiding a hover-type vehicle around a twisted, looping race track. The game opens with an excellent introduction sequence and displays smooth in-game graphics as well as a good sensation of speed. The in-game music is adequate, but doesn't have the underground edge previously seen in games of this genre. In terms of gameplay, Killer Loop's unique attribute is providing the player with the ability to guide their vehicle on any flat surface on the track; real skill is involved in overtaking a fellow competitor whilst on the roof of a tunnel. With three teams to choose from, different leagues to compete in and a potential seven tracks to master, this game will keep people occupied for some time. Comparisons with WipEout are inevitable and Ubi Soft has made a brave attempt in becoming the genre leader. Unfortunately, WipEout is just too far in front and cannot be caught. -- Alex Leung
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