Lego Island 2
Genre Kids -> Kids
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Date N/A
Date 2001-03-30
Publisher Lego Media
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtWhat do the residents of LEGO Island fear most? Deconstruction. The mischievous Brickster has broken out of the town jail and turned loose his army of Brickster Bots to take apart the island brick by little plastic brick. Skateboarding pizza delivery boy Pepper is the island's best hope against this threat, and players will take him through 18 levels based on popular LEGO play themes, such as Adventurers, Castle, and LEGO City. Players will have different ways of getting around the island, like blasting off in a space shuttle or riding on the back of a pterodactyl, all from a first-person perspective. Objectives within the levels include deep-sea diving for bricks, jousting with the Dark Knight, snake shooting, matching mummies in ancient Egypt, and target parachuting. Friendly LEGO figurines are always close by and willing to offer some pithy observations.
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