Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Publisher Working Designs
Date N/A
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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is old-school role-playing goodness at its very best. From the story to the simple battle system, it doesn't bore players with the details that can make newer role-playing games unbearable. No, Lunar 2 won't impress anyone with its likewise old-school graphics, but that's not the point. This game is fun. The story in Lunar 2 doesn't take itself as seriously as other role-playing games, which contributes to the fun. The game's hero, Hiro, and his sidekick Ruby must help a young girl locate the goddess Althena. The quest turns out to be long, spanning three disks, most of which hold full-motion video cutscenes. The video sequences in Lunar 2 are probably the best part. They mix Japanese anime with computer graphics and are completely stunning. The in-game graphics, on the other hand, are ported straight from the 16-bit Sega CD, with a few enhancements, so those who like eye candy should consider themselves warned. --Robb Guido Pros: Light and fun Super movie sequences that mix anime and computer graphics Cons: Outdated graphics
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