MediEvil 2
Genre Action -> Platform
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MediEvil II, like its predecessor, is an action game with a liberal mix of puzzle solving, fighting and humour. The first MediEvil was about Dan Fortesque, a skeleton in shining armour. He died as a soldier, fighting against the evil sorcerer Lord Zarok, but rose from the dead--along with everyone else in the graveyards--when Zarok cast the spell of Eternal Darkness. Though Dan was successful by the end of that game, in MediEvil II, he's been summoned again 500 years later--in 1888 A.D.--because evil magician Lord Palethorn has found pages from the original spell book. Now Victorian London is overrun by undead, and it's your job, as Dan Fortesque, to fight through several levels and stop Palethorn before he takes over the world.You will find a variety of weaponry available to you, including a steam-powered Gatling gun and an ever-trusty sword. Dan's detachable head and hands even provide different perspectives on some levels.
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