Mega Man Legends 2
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date 2001-08-03
Publisher Capcom
Mega Man Legends 2 Mega Man Legends 2 United Kingdom Retail Box ArtMega Man Legends 2 continues the successful 3-D spinoff of the 2-D Mega Man franchise. It features familiar characters from the series, and mixes action-adventure, RPG, and puzzle gameplay. Accompanying Mega Man are Roll, the Bonne family, the Servbots, Data, and Glyde. The story revolves around the recently discovered Sealed Key, which could unlock the Great Legacy--a mystery that could be either a boon or a curse to mankind. There are several towns in which to explore, and a giant airship called the Flutter will transport the party there.
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Mega Man Legends 2 North America Retail Box Art

Mega Man Legends 2 United Kingdom Retail Box Art