Metal Slug X
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date N/A
Publisher Tommo Inc.
Date 2003-08-01
Publisher N/A
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtNever mind online gaming and 40-button controllers: if you really want to prove your hardcore gaming credentials you'll need a few 2-D shooters in your collection, and Metal Slug X is perhaps the best ever for the PSone. A conversion of the third entry in the cult arcade series, this is a real rarity on these shores--indeed it's the first time ever a Metal Slug game has been released in the UK. The premise of this title, and indeed every Metal Slug game, is far from extraordinary: you control a cute little commando on a left to right scrolling mission to blow seven bells out of whoever gets in your way--usually some vaguely Nazi-esque bad guys--with a few diversions to take in Egyptian mummies and alien octopus people along the way. What it loses in terms of originality Metal Slug X more than makes up for in imagination and execution. Despite being 2-D the graphics are fantastic, with some wonderful animation that imbues every backdrop, bad guy and power-up with tons of personality. Then there's the extremely cool means of transport you get to avail yourself of, including a machine-gun equipped camel, a weird jumping robot power suit and the title's eponymous super-cute tank. There's really nothing to criticise in Metal Slug X save its relative brevity, so go ahead and risk that visit from the fashion police and you'll find out why three dimensions are not necessarily better than two. --David Jenkins

- 2-D space action game
- Side-scrolling shooter featuring beautiful graphics
- New enemies, new weapons, new bosses
- Vast numbers of levels and challenges
- For one player
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