Monster Rancher 2
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Publisher Tecmo
Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtYour favorite digital pet monsters are back in a whole new adventure with Monster Rancher 4. This time breeding and training your monsters is just the beginning, as you train multiple monsters that will lead you on an adventure of a lifetime! Let your pet monsters be your guides as you embark on journeys to distant lands where you will unlock new characters and fight big bosses with the help from your team of monsters! Monster Rancher 4 is no longer a training ground, this is the fight you and y

- New Action/Adventure Element. Once the player has gone through the steps of breeding and training their monsters to fight, the player and their monsters will set off on a role playing adventure to unknown lands.
- Multiple Breeding and Training Program. Unlike previous versions, you can breed and train multiple monsters simultaneously, adding depth and dimension to the game and to your adventure.
- Full Customization of Training Facility. Features full customization of the players training facilities with a variety of training equipment to select from. The more efficiently the player plans out their training facilities the better they will be able to train their new monsters.
- CD/DVD Swapping Feature. Making its comeback in MR4 is the CD/DVD swapping feature where the player can unlock a variety of monsters just by popping in their favorite CDs and DVDs.
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