One Piece Mansion
Genre Puzzle -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date 2001-11-16
Publisher Capcom
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtIf you've ever had dreams of managing your own building, new Capcom game One Piece Mansion may make you change your mind. The game casts you as the manager of a large house, and it's your job to keep the already ultra-neurotic tenants happy. One of your tasks is to arrange room assignments so that incompatible tenants don't stay next to each other for too long. If they do, ensuing problems may cause you to lose a room, a tenant, and the rent money. While One Piece Mansion is basically a logic puzzle game, its presentation and frenzy have caught many eyes. It certainly might scare you away from becoming a landlord. --Mark Brooks

- Addictive and wacky gameplay will leave you frantic
- Two modes of play: story and versus
- Keep the peace among your tenants in order to make more money and add onto your mansion
- Be creative and your mansion could win an art award and become famous
- For 1 player
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