Parasite Eve 2
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2000-08-25
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtFighting off a deadly virus isn't everybody's cup of tea, but to Aya Brea, the returning star of Parasite Eve 2, it is. You play Aya, an FBI agent investigating a string of strange incidents involving Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures--a small spherical rod-like-bodied creature bounded by a double membrane in the cytoplasm of most cells to you and me. Set in a landscape similar to the likes of Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve 2 oozes with Hollywood cut sequences and a storyline to match. Walk a couple of paces and another cut scene will set the story on its next legs, giving you the feeling that sometime you aren't even playing a game. Couple this with the rather impressive graphics for the PlayStation and you are presented with a game that is strong on storyline, whilst at the same time being at the higher end of the graphics food chain. Of course not everything is all singing and dancing. Because of the cinematic approach to the game, the camera angles can get confusing--sometimes you walk towards the camera, other times away from it. Yet if you are used to this, and let's face it, if you've played any 3D RPG you are, then this is a minor point into what is a rather atmospheric game. If you loved Final Resident and Fantasy Evil whilst enjoying Alone in the Hill and Silent Dark, this is definitely up your street, whilst people new to this style of game will find it as good a place as any to get into the genre as you gather information to crack the case set before you. --Stuart Miles
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