Peter Pan Return to Neverland
Genre Action -> Platform
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First the good: It's fun to fly around as Peter Pan, collecting feathers and stuff, tangling with various baddies, and exploring colorful 2-D environments. The physics, while rudimentary, give you a vivid sense of Peter Pan's weight, and the controls make moving him around a very intuitive affair. The missions are pretty simple--just right for younger gamers. But elements from the Disney movie on which the game is supposedly based are completely absent. So instead of the film's story, which mixes scenes from both Neverland and WWII-era London, the game offers a completely generic plot about a secret map and hidden treasure. In fact, it verges on false advertising for this game to even bear the name of the film. Return to Neverland also suffers from interminable load times. If your character perishes, you have to wait while the same level loads again. However, taken not as an adaptation of a film, but as a good, basic adventure for younger gamers, the game is just fine. The environments are fun to explore, and the action is just challenging enough to keep things interesting without making them frustrating. --David Stoesz Pros: Simple, fun, and colorful Streamlined controls Excellent cutscenes Cons: Elements from the movie are absent You have to kill birds for no apparent reason Load times give new meaning to the name Neverland
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