Play with the Teletubbies
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Date N/A
Date N/A
Publisher BBC Multimedia
North America Retail Box ArtIf your children like the Teletubbies they'll love this BBC game. Players can choose which Teletubby they would like to be and move around Teletubby Land finding lots of exciting activities to do. The activities include hide and seek, find the object and musical clouds, and each activity has instructions on what to do and a time limit so your child doesn't get bored. You can also enter the Superdome where the characters can meet up with Noo-Noo (the hoover!) to make some mess with tubby custard and tubby toast.This game has wonderful graphics and lots of colour and familiar sound; each Teletubby sings their own tune as they go about their business and the theme tune is played often. Play with the Teletubbies is great for children aged two to four, teaching colours, counting and co-ordination. To link the game to the TV programme the makers have added a number of short video clips of children going about daily life. This game is fantastic, they haven't forgotten a thing. --Lynne Bradding

- Enhance your child's:
- Imagination and creativity
- Awareness of special relationships
- Listining Skills
- Computer skills
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