Power Diggerz
Genre Puzzle -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2001-11-30
Publisher N/A
In describing Power Diggerz it's pretty difficult to get away from the fact that it's a simulation of operating a mechanical digger. And quite frankly the publishers' marketing department is going to have to do more than spell the word "Diggers" with a "z" to make that sound exciting to the average Joe Schmoe. Which is a bit of a pity really because Power Diggerz is actually jolly good fun. The missions are split between those that are true simulations of a mechanical digger's daily lot (ie: digging holes, filling up trucks with sand and the like) and some other rather more unlikely tasks such as making a giant curry and fishing for turtles. There's also a bunch of excellent two-player levels should you manage to convince a friend that the game isn't actually the dullest thing in the world ever. The enjoyment comes from the fact that it's simply a lot of fun controlling the main arm of the digger. The controls, particularly if you've got a Dual Shock controller, are superb and the imaginative missions are a lot more engrossing--and difficult--than you'd think. Still, you've got to wonder what's next... Milk Floatz? Dust Cart Sim 2002? The mind boggles. --David Jenkins
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