Prince Naseem Boxing
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Date 2000-11-03
Publisher Codemasters
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtGet ready... It's time for you to enter the ring as the one and only Prince Naseem or one of the 16 creatively named boxers in this the first boxing sim from Codemasters.Yes, this is the same Codemasters that brought us Colin McRae, but you would be wrong in thinking it's of the same standard, far from it unfortunately.This is a game that owes more to the old-style arcade fist fights than the more sophisticated likes of Knockout Kings, as is only too apparent when the fighting starts, with the punches being basic and the movements jerky, with camera angles adding extra confusion.The game has various modes to choose from, including a World mode. Here its up to you to train your fighter, work your way through the ranks with the aim of unifying the belts and enter the gym where you need to develop a strict training regime.One of the nicer elements is the haymaker punch, which is obtained by producing a sting of scoring punches. If your training pays off, you have 10 seconds to unleash a punch, or your moment of glory is lost, which is rather similar to this game.If you can put up with the slow jerky movement and the dull gameplay you might find a redeeming feature in the Showcase option where up to eight of you can fight in a knockout tournament. A good idea, and ideal for the simple boxing fan, but with the Knockout Kings series going from strength to strength, you can help thinking that this is one Naz can't walk away with. --Robert Holliday
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